Single Estate Pichincha, Ecuador


Speciality Pinchinancha, Ecuador
Speciality Pinchinancha, Ecuador

Single Estate Pichincha, Ecuador


Variety: Typica
Harvest:May -August
Altitude: 1500 Meters
Drying Method: Washed
CUP PROFILE Aroma: Intense Acidity: Medium Body :Medium
Fragrance: Cherrie, Fruity, Flowery Taste: Red Fruit, Citric, Slight chocolate. 100% Hand Picked.

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The coffee from Pichincha grows at the Finca Maputo from Doctor Henri Gabor and his wife Verena.
Henri Gabor is a retired Doctor and decided a couple of years ago to become a coffee producer.
The plantation of 18 hectares is in a good condition and has varieties as Tipica, Red Bourbon, SL28, Kaffa and Caturra.
Dr. Henri is very involved with the plantation and takes care well of the coffee plants, experiments with new varieties, studies the nutrient balance in the plants and is doing research in processing and drying of the coffee beans.

When there is a shortage of nutrients you can recognize it by the colour of the leaves. When the leaf is yellow for example, the plant need more magnesium.
In the plantation the coffee is processed dry and wet. With the dry method, the berries are dried in the sun for 20 days, before being peeled and selected.
With the wet method, the berries are peeled (dispulped) just after harvesting, than they are lightly fermented during the night and dried the next day in the sun, on elevated beds in a greenhouse. Interesting is to see how the taste differs with the respective techniques.
The coffee is of high quality and has got the 3rd place in 2014 contest of the Taza Dorada.
Characteristics of the coffee:
Pichincha:Aroma: Intense, Acidity: Medium, Body :Medium ,Fragrance: Cherrie, Fruity, Flowery
Taste: Red Fruit, Citric, Slight chocolate. 100% Hand Picked.


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Speciality Pinchinancha, Ecuador

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